24 January 2023

Ian McBlog

Looking for something new to read? The UPenn Ian McHarg Center shares ideas and news through a blog that it calls Ian McBlog. It captures current thinking from a variety of voices and may well push readers in some new directions. Take a look.

19 January 2023

California stormwater

With extensive flooding in California this winter, people are asking whether there is a way to capture some of the stormwater and use it to replenish the groundwater and reservoirs that are desperately low. While at first it sounds like an engineering problem, Politico presents it as a political or policy problem. After all, the state might have to fix the existing water infrastructure before it can add a newer water capture and movement system:

The pumps, aqueducts and reservoirs California relies on are “outdated and vulnerable to climate change” and limit the amount of water that can be stored during winter storms, acknowledged the director of the Department of Water Resources, Karla Nemeth.

 One of the local experts suggested to Politico that it was the start of a "new era" for California, by which it sounds like there is going to have to be an entirely new model for thinking about water.

17 January 2023

10 most read Dirt posts of 2022

 ASLA's The Dirt reviewed 2022 and listed their 10 most read posts of last year. The list includes an impressive variety of landscape architecture and planning stories. Personally, I really like the look at Yosemite's influence on Olmsted. But there is something there for sports fans and a reflection on Superstorm Sandy for those of us in New Jersey and New York.