27 May 2024

What did you learn in Spain?


I have had the great fortune of taking a few student groups to Spain over the years. While the photos and sketchbooks live on, the memories are the most important takeaway.  If any of them see this, I would love to hear, with a few years of experience behind them, answers to these questions:

1. What did you learn?

2. What memories or experiences do you reflect on most often?

3. What do you wish you had done or done differently?

There is a new cohort that will be going to Spain, so these answers might help them contextualize their experience too.

29 March 2024

Parque Central

Gustafson Porter + Bowman's Parque Central in Valencia is a great example of what can be done above railyards. When we go to Valencia, water will be a constant part of the conversation so it is no surprise that their use in the park integrates multiple ways to reference water.

27 March 2024

Sagrada Familia

 Gaudi's great church, Sagrada Familia, is slated for completion in 2026. As such, CNN took a closer look at it. The article includes a fun twist when it says that, "the construction of the church was carried out illegally for 137 years."

Improving your portfolio

ArchiFolio has some nice tips on things to consider when making your portfolio.

20 March 2024

Code is Law

In the way that Zoning regs shape more than is at first obvious, coding shapes cyberspace. This is a classic piece from Harvard Magazine in 2000 that still holds up: Code is Law.