29 October 2015

That's a good sign

@WalkUKY posted these photos of signs that encourage walking in Lexington, Kentucky.

Presumably this is linked to the effort back in 2012 by Walk Raleigh. The QR codes link to simple instructions but I don't see a map. Where is the map?

27 October 2015

Motion sensitive site furnishings

Technology is beginning to make radical changes to the urban experience. Imagine how street crossings might change when computer-driven vehicles are the majority. And now, in Israel, we can stop imagining what an urban space might be like when the site furnishings respond to visitors' presence.

Warde from HQ Architects on Vimeo.

372 is 573

For Rutgers students struggling to find the 372 classes in the schedule online, please note that they have been changed to 573. They have the same names as before and fulfill the same requirements, but they are now listed as 573!

26 October 2015

Navigating a post-GPS world

Slate has a piece linked to the announcement that the US Naval Academy is reinstating the teaching of celestial navigation as part of its curriculum. Because, as Lily Hay Newman writes, "someone in the Navy knows how to navigate without GPS if the lights ever go out."

23 October 2015

Parks of Northeast Middlesex County

As part of our current studio, I made a quick tour of some parks in Northeast Middlesex County. The diversity was pretty amazing. Check it out below.

21 October 2015

GIS Day 2015 is coming

Join us in celebrating our 5th annual GIS Awareness Day event at Rutgers
University! Learn how maps, GPS and satellite imagery are used for
things like: community mapping, invasive species spread, watershed
management, road networks and more!  Speakers will represent a variety
of national and regional organizations focusing on geospatial analysis.

The evening will consist of a series of lightning talks, followed by
refreshments/poster session, then a panel discussion on careers in GIS,
and a dessert social to round out the event.

Food + networking + free giveaways!

Nov 18th, 6-9 pm
Rutgers University, Marine Sciences Building (71 Dudley Road, New
Brunswick, NJ)
Free parking in lots: 97, 98A and 98B

Our Facebook site:

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Organized by RU Intermediate Environmental Geomatics students.
Sponsored by the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Feel free to forward.

20 October 2015


EDA Notes

Some random notes from today's EDA lecture:
Hope you enjoyed it.

06 October 2015

Rutgers LA Alumni

Hey all you Rutgers alum! 

Please let Gail (mckenzie@SEBS.Rutgers.edu) know if you are planning to attend the ASLA Annual Meeting in Chicago.  We are eager to celebrate the awards received by Kate John-Alder and her students, as well as Steven Handel and his team at Restoration Ecology.  To see their awards, visit our website: http://landarch.rutgers.edu/aslaawards.html.  If enough of us are going to Chicago, we will want to plan a special Rutgers event. 

And, as always, Rutgers faculty, students, and alumni will join together at the alumni reception/tailgate event.  Thank you!

Loal Government Links

Some relevant documents for this week's classes...

Middlesex County Open Space and Recreation Plan 2003

Middlesex County Master Plan 1966

Perth Amboy Master Plan Recreation Element 2013

Woodbridge Township Redevelopment Plans

Edison Township Master Plan 2003

A report on Carteret

Carteret Parks Guide and the photo for their splash page

Metuchen Master Plan

Middlesex Greenway (or theTrailLink version)

East Coast Greenway in NJ (not local govt)

A Middlesex County problem with some open space (news)

03 October 2015

The most photogenic spot in New Jersey?

According to Lifehacker, Island Beach State Park is the most photographed site in NJ (on Instagram). For some other states the site is more iconic -- Kentucky had Churchill Downs and Louisiana had Bourbon Street. But other states probably lack clear landmark -- Rhode Island had the Roger Williams Park Zoo and Kansas had Kansas State University. It shows how remarkably different these states really are.

01 October 2015

Shore flooding

You heard lots about Hurricane Joaquin, but did you realize that the Jersey Shore had flooding today? Down in Ocean County, some streets were filling with water.  Down in Cape May the coastal areas had some high water too.

DC Parks RX

“We don’t prescribe a park to every patient, but when they are ready we will.”

Do you really need me to say more to get you to read about the DC Parks RX program where doctors write scripts sending patients to parks?

BTW, this story is written by LSU MLA student Liz Camuti who has developed an impressive record of writing over the short time of her internship at ASLA. Geaux Tigers.