06 April 2015

Surburban mass transit

Communities are trying to adjust to match the expectations and demands of Millennials.Suburban communities are finding themselves at a particular disadvantage, having designed themselves in ways that make retrofitting most difficult. Millennials who want to ditch their cars are particularly hard to lure to these communities.

The Washington Post looks at an important piece of this puzzle, transit for suburban communities. The Post says that companies are insisting on building near transit because they can't get the best young employees without it.
“Millennials are the gold standard of demographics today,” said Tom Clark, chief executive of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. “You chase them, and you entice them. They’re the most highly educated demographic the United States has ever had. . . . If you can get millennials to come to you, your long-term economic survivability is extraordinary.”

Demographics, transit, and retrofitting. 

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