07 September 2018

Top 10 Shapers of the American Landscape

Here is the list of Top 10 Shapers that I am presenting in EDA listed in alphabetic order. For comparison purposes I have linked each one to its entry in Wikipedia, but these are not definitive descriptions. And the Top 10 Shapers tag at the end will find you a few other interesting links...


06 September 2018

Reserach in NJ

New Jersey has released a searchable online database called Research with New Jersey. While focused on STEM, it represents other areas at Rutgers, Rowan and other NJ schools. It helpfully allows visitors to browse by unit. For instance, you can see all of the work it includes for the Department of Landscape Architecture. As it gets updated a little more, it could become pretty useful for discovering potential advisors, collaborators and authors.

04 September 2018

Deer me

Lots of Internety deer references. These links mostly go to generic searches, so I can't promise that they won't include gross, offensive or irrelevant links.

Lifehacker presents some tips to reduce the chance of car-deer conflicts.
The Wikipedia entry on deer is pretty extensive.
Google Scholar has about 129,000 results on white-tailed deer.
Vox news stories that somehow feature deer.
Library of Congress holdings online that include deer.
Deer videos on YouTube

02 September 2018

Get the most

Frank Bruni recently published an essay on how to get the most out of college. It sounds like it is quickly becoming required reading, because it hits such important notes. Make sure, he explains, that  you learn skills that reach beyond your major:
Another of those skills, frequently overlooked, is storytelling. It’s different from communication: a next step. Every successful pitch for a new policy, new product or new company is essentially a story, with a shape and logic intended to stir its audience. So is every successful job interview. The best moment in a workplace meeting belongs to the colleague who tells the best story. So take a course in Greek mythology, British literature, political rhetoric or anything else that exposes you to the structure of narrative and the art of persuasion.
Of course, cartography is another form of storytelling. And some of our students enrich other experiences with that skill, too.