29 November 2018

Finally fixing up that dump

LA+ JOURNAL has a published the winning redesigns for Central Park. It is about time. When NYC first laid it out, they hired a guy that had never designed anything. Maybe this time they can get a licensed professional.

Plus, it looks like some of the winners finally take care of the uneven terrain that makes the park so difficult to get around.

28 November 2018

Interesting talk

'Is There Really a New Economy?' A Sociologist Tries to Understand New York's Innovation Complex
Sharon Zukin, Professor of Sociology
Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center

Friday, November 30, 2018
Academic Building West 6051
15 Seminary Place
New Brunswick

18 November 2018

Johnny Quispe lecture

The week of Thanksgiving can be a slow time, but this year it is loaded with opportunities. For readers of Places and Spaces, one stands out. Blake Hall's own Johnny Quispe will be speaking at the Lawrence Brook Watershed Partnership Membership Meeting, Tuesday, November 20th, at 7:30PM. The meeting is at the Milltown Senior Center.

The talk will provide an overview of sea level rise, its effects on coastal ecosystems, his research, and impacts on NJ.

Maplewood Memorial Park

Shout out to Rutgers alum Jennifer Ryan for her work helping restore the Olmsted Bros' Maplewood Memorial Park.

07 November 2018

New Imperative

Doug Richardson's latest ArcNews column is worth a minute of your time. In The New Imperative: Spatializing Health Research and Practice, he describes how the International Geospatial Health Research Network (IGHRN) is leading the way on issues at the intersection of health and mapping.