19 September 2014

18 September 2014

Barcelona: starchitects

Gaudi isn't the only famous architect with work in Barcelona. In fact, it seems like nearly every famous architect has to have something there now.

Mies' Barcelona Pavillion.

Gehry has his fish.

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17 September 2014

Barcelona: Gaudi and Dali

The planning has begun for a summer studio in Barcelona. Details will follow. For now it is just photos.

Barcelona is the city of Gaudi.

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MacArthur Geniuses

The new list of MacArthur "Genius" Awards has been released and it has a couple interesting selections that relate to planning. After gulf coast hurricanes, John Henneberger has done a remarkable job of identifying common ground and negotiating solutions through the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service. Rick Lowe has been using art to transform neighborhoods in need of redevelopment or rehabilitation. And the special thing about these fellowships is that you can't apply for them, they have to find you. So the work these Fellows are doing has clearly stood out.

12 September 2014

Space Station New Brunswick

Ever wonder what New Brunswick would look like if George Lucas drew the map? CityLab has the story on a new map skin that lets you see any city through this Deathstar lens. You can try any place in the world, so try Brasilia or Barcelona and see what you get.

Fall GIS Family Fun Day

The first annual Fall GIS Family Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday September 20, 2014 at noon at Pennington Park, 801 Creek Rd. Delanco, NJ. The third annual Spring GIS Family Fun Day was a huge success with a 400% increase in attendance with over 30 people! A great time was had by all. Visit the facebook page to see some action shots.

Bring family (kids are very welcome), friends, significant others, dogs, etc. There is a playground adjacent to the pavilion, easy access bathrooms, walking trails and a dog park.

For more information, to register and to see who is coming please visit the website:

11 September 2014

9/11 Memorials around New Jersey

Woodbridge 9-11 Memorial

Wyckoff 9-11 Memorial

Allendale 9-11 Memorial

Bayonne 9-11 Memorial

Colts Neck 9-11 Memorial

A 9-11 Memorial from Chatham

Another 9-11 Memorial from Chatham

As an aside, these photos were all taken several years ago one of our students, Jenna Pauloski, who spent some time taking landscape photos for our NJ LA project. I have chosen to omit what I consider the very saddest of the memorials that she photographed (even though the competition for that title is stiff).