13 July 2020

An Open Letter to the UCSB Department of Geography

The UCSB Daily Nexus has published An Open Letter to the UCSB Department of Geography in response to its recent public statements on race. It will most likely get more attention in the coming days.

06 July 2020

GIS Guide and challenge

The libraries at the Ohio State University have posted a 5 module exploration of ArcGIS Online that is a very user-friendly way to get information consumers started in making better use of these mapping tools.

10 June 2020

New new urbainsm?

In April, ASLA's The Field published a piece looking at the latest examples of New Urbanism and calling for landscape architecture to assert itself in more meaningful ways in these projects. The author, Clemson Professor Thomas Schurch, talks about the role for landscape architecture on Professional Community Assistance Teams, which seems even more timely today.

As he points out, in between some compelling project photos and plans, the relationship between LA and our allied professions is incredibly important. And in a post-pandemic, post-protest, post-recession world, inclusive teamwork is going to be critically important.

06 June 2020

Musical outlets

We each have our own ways of getting through this. I have been retreating to the music of  Muzio Clementi, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Jan Ladislav Dussek and Joseph W├Âlfl. This year is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, and we would have seen s series of concerts around the world to celebrate. But a few weeks ago the NY Times published a story on the French pianist Bavouzet, who was instead revisiting the work of Beethoven's contemporaries and colleagues. Since then, I have been enjoying the catalog of their work. It isn't the only thing I am listening to or watching, but it has been a nice backdrop to sheltering in place.