03 May 2015

Geomatics volunteers

When you need a break from studying, our GIS readers might want to look at Open Source Mapping and consider spending a few hours as an OSM volunteer working on some urgent projects in Nepal.

29 April 2015

Assistant/Associate Research Professor

There is an assistant/associate research professor position posted down at Drexel University. It is close enough to our area that some of our regular readers might find it worth sharing or applying.

The Center for Spatial Analytics and Geocomputation at Drexel University is seeking outstanding candidates for openings as Assistant/Associate Research Professor. Preferred applicants will have a Ph.D. in Geographic Information Science, Computer Science, Remote Sensing, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, or related engineering disciplines.

The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) is highly interdisciplinary, focusing on basic and applied research spanning information technologies, intelligent systems, visualization, simulation and data analytics. We are seeking candidates with research, development and/or programmatic experience in spatial analytics, geocomputation, remote sensing, spatial decision support systems, open-source geocomputation, high performance and cloud computing. 

28 April 2015

Salk Institute

An interesting review was linked by PlaNetizen: Howard Blackson III revisits Louis I. Kahn's design of the Salk institute in La Jolla, CA and asks about its qualities as a public space. Or, more properly, clarifies why it isn't public space. Blackson writes:
"I agree with Witold Rybczynski that modernist architecture sits best in nature and this is such a place looking in one direction (but, don’t turn around). Adding the sound of the plaza’s water rubicon/falls, and scent from its formal rows of orange trees, the experience can be sublime… then you get back in your car and drive through suburban office park hell to go home."
Here are some photos I took years ago that capture a few qualities of the materials and the space but say little about the surroundings.

27 April 2015

Erosion problem in Florence

Down in Florence Township there is an erosion problem beyond much of what we talked about in class this semester. Check it out: Combine this with the story (below) about the hidden surprise in Raritan Center and you might just want to re-read those sections on landscape inventory a few times.

A hidden surprise

We spent the fall 2014 semester studying the Lower Raritan Watershed and couldn't keep our eyes of the properties around the Raritan Center. They seemed so central to everything that happens in the LRW. But this site, populated with busy warehouses, a major hotel, and some fascinating wetlands also contained some hidden surprises we were told. As a former WWII Army arsenal, there are some unexploded ordinance here and there. Ha! Is that really a thing today?


24 April 2015

150th anniversary

150 years ago today, the funeral train carrying the body of assassinated President Lincoln rolled through New Brunswick where it was greeted by mourners before continuing on to Illinois by way of New York City. I can only imagine what if must have felt like; days before they were celebrating the end of what seemed to be the most dreadful possible war, now they were shocked by the tragic assassination of the man many credited with ending the war.

Always the outlier, just months before New Jersey went to McLellan instead of Lincoln in the 1864 election. On April 24, I doubt there was any sign that New Brunswick remembered.

22 April 2015