30 November 2015

Landscape photography

The landscape photography of Daniel Jones probably got more expensive this week when it was featured on CBS Sunday Morning. But it deserves a close look since it really captures landscapes nicely.

29 November 2015

Backyard Habitat

Ecology & Evolution
Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Susannah Lerman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Beyond benefits for people: How backyard habitats support ecosystem services for wildlife"

Thursday, December 3, 2015
4:00 p.m.
Alampi Room, Marine and Coastal Sciences

23 November 2015

Team thinking

In class we recently talked about teamwork and the importance of understanding different approaches of team members. The Harvard Business Review just published an interesting piece about 8 different workplace thinking styles. The diagram is helpful and worth looking at for a few minutes.

20 November 2015

Statewide GIS meeeting

The quarterly meetings of the NJ Geospatial Forum are a great place to meet local GIS professionals and hear about some of the issues on their minds.

The NJ Geospatial Forum will meet Thursday, December 3rd at 10 a.m.
All are welcome to attend the meeting in the ITC room at OIT 300 Riverview Plaza, Trenton NJ 08611

18 November 2015

Happy GIS Day

Once again, GIS Day is here. May all your geospatial dreams come true. To celebrate, we have brought back a few of the graphic reminders of the early years:

A special thanks to Caroline Phillipuk, whose GIS Day posters outlived the celebrations.

17 November 2015

GIS Day is almost here

Join us in celebrating our 5th Annual GIS Awareness Day event at Rutgers
University! Learn how maps, GPS and satellite imagery are used for
things like: community mapping, invasive species spread, watershed
management, road networks and more!  Speakers will represent a variety
of national and regional organizations focusing on geospatial analysis.

The evening will consist of a series of lightning talks, followed by
refreshments/poster session, then a panel discussion on careers in GIS,
and a dessert social to round out the event.

Food + networking + free giveaways!

Nov 18th, 6-9 pm
Rutgers University, Marine Sciences Building (71 Dudley Road, New
Brunswick, NJ)
Free parking in lots: 97, 98A and 98B

Our Facebook site:

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Organized by RU Intermediate Environmental Geomatics students.
Sponsored by the Department of Landscape Architecture.