05 March 2019

NJ GeoWeb

As a quick study tool, try exploring NJ GeoWeb.

Start out trying something simple, like overlaying schools on land use.

But then try something harder. Can you make a custom digital map of superfund sites within 100’ of all streams in Middlesex County, NJ, overlaid on a backdrop showing the county’s soils?

28 February 2019

Social Explorer

While you are on campus, you can access https://www.socialexplorer.com/ through a guest account that lets you make demographic maps. The map below shows where municipal government employees are.

26 February 2019

Story maps

One of the more interesting aspects of ArcGIS is the way that the platform supports Story Maps. These are story-telling mechanisms that feature interactive maps as their backbone.

The Out of Eden Walk Milestones Story Map uses a map to capture an amazing journey, but also integrates prose and photography and HD video along the way.

Save a trip to Florida and explore the public art on the campus of USF.

The Sounds of the Wild West Story Map integrates audio in ways that transport you.

The Library of Congress has created an amazing historic exploration called Camera and Locomotive: Two Tracks Across the Continent. Loaded with content, it is more like an online museum exhibit than it is a web page.

There are environmental planning story maps, like this one on NYC Hazard Environment.

And, closer to home, check out the Susan Edmund's Mill Brook: Portrait of an Urban Stream.

18 February 2019

NJ GeoWeb

Looking for 1930s aerial photography of NJ or need a way to overlay municipal boundaries with the NJ DEP Known Contaminated Sites List? You should try the NJ Geoweb app. But you can do more sophisticated spatial searches, too. It would let you find all of the schools in Morris County that are within 1200 feet of a Dry Cleaner. 

Monday's Map

h/t Mapscaping