12 June 2017

Catching up

The NY Times critics have published their list of the 25 best movies of the new century. While I have made a substantial dent in the list (I read the reviews often enough that I am not surprised by much of the list) I think I need to take a few days off to catch up. This heat wave seems like the perfect time to start.

Central Park news

Amazing to see how much notable news emanates from Central Park.

There is a proposal to build a more accessible inclined path to Belvedere Castle. Opponents say that it would be out character for the park. The article interviews Theodore Grunewald, who misrepresents the work of FLW:
Walking along the path, Mr. Grunewald said the same access could be provided by a subtler regrading. He said the planned walkway would tie Belvedere Castle to the land “in a way Frank Lloyd Wright would have done.”
“It’s a modern idea, the opposite of Vaux,” he said, shaking his head. “There has to be a better way to do this.”
 Wright loved surprises, too.

 Of course, the recent Shakespeare in the Park drama has made national news, too.

Most importantly, Doug Blonsky is retiring after leading the Central Park Conservancy for 32 years. The Rutgers alum has been credited with bringing the park back from the doldrums (if not death's door).

05 June 2017

Expert advice: Picking a major

Each summer Places and Spaces gets discovered by a whole new group of students looking at majors like landscape architecture or environmental planning and design. While many of our readers are well those pre-career days, some will appreciate this bit of help.

A few years ago the NY Times published a helpful piece on Four Steps to Choosing  Major. (It should also include a minor with that)  I like the section on why you should ignore people telling you to follow your passion. But also the quote from Veronica Belmont saying: “If you’re really passionate about a topic, and you want to work in that field, you should already be doing it.”

31 May 2017

Landscape Project 3.3

If you want to understand ecological landscapes in New Jersey, one of the important tools you need to be using is the data/information from the NJDEP's Landscape Project. The new version (3.3) of the Landscape Project has been released, and you'll want to check it out for any regional habitat or wildlife studies.

23 May 2017

Iowa Data Bike

In GIS we know about data banks. But maybe it is time get to know the data bike. It will help collect data and even images that can be posted on Google Street View.

18 May 2017