26 October 2016

LAF's New Landscape Declaration

The Landscape Architecture Foundation has released a new manifesto for those driving the field into the future: The New Landscape Declaration. At 382 words, it says a lot in just a little space. But what it definitely says is that landscape architecture is still a profession that is evolving and that will change the world.

25 October 2016

Money for Karst windows

The Architects Newspaper reports that SCAPE has gotten significant support for their Town Branch plan for Lexington. The support comes in the form of a $14.1 million grant from the US Department of Transportation. The project is helping daylight the long-hidden and often ignored Town Branch with a strip of park called Karst Commons and special Karst Windows celebrating the local geology.

24 October 2016

Disaster technolgies

With the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy (October 22, 2012 – November 2, 2012) looming over our region, a new infographic from Eastern Kentucky University (Go Colonels!) seems especially timely. The infographic is called When Disaster Strikes: Technology’s Role in Disaster Aid Relief and it explores various technologies, particularly social media, and the ways that people are using them increasingly during emergencies.

21 October 2016

EDA Nationa Parks and Parklands

It is a treat for me today to visit one of our special legacy classes at Rutgers: Environmental Design Analysis (EDA). It is also a treat to talk about the amazing educational and experiential opportunities that fill our county's great National Parks.

If you missed the special guest lecture, you can flip through some of my favorite National Park photos and blog postings at: http://epd372.blogspot.com/search/label/National%20Parks

During the lecture I will have revealed my top ten list of NP units:

Dave's Top 10 National Parks and Parklands

10. Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau
9. Grand Canyon
8. Chaco Culture
7. Mammoth Cave
6. Valley Forge
5. Hawaii Volcanoes
4. National Mall
3. Olympic
2. Teton
1. Acadia

They are NOT the best or my personal favorites, just the Top Ten. The list is not meant for navigational purposes. Please use this list accordingly.