27 May 2016

For booklovers

Do you remember Andre Chiote's posters of Brazilian World Cup stadia? Now Chiote has developed some elegant posters of great libraries around the world. Awesome illustrations.

24 May 2016

Geohealth Lab @ CRSSA

If you haven't seen what we are doing at the Geohealth Lab, this is a great time to check out our website. It has been updated and is getting more traffic.

Work at the intersection of health and GIS is growing quickly. UCSB hosted a meeting on the topic in December.  URISA has a GIS and Health meeting that starts in a week. And Esri hired a Chief Medical Officer last year. It is an exciting time to see what is happening in the field.Esri has also created a Zika story map worth exploring.

23 May 2016

Sea level rise and property values

While the news story is several months old, I was struck when I read this story from Key Largo. It details how the streets of Key Largo are flooding with increasing frequency. The article includes a picture of a flooded street on what appears to be an otherwise nice day - just a high tide with a super moon will do it. But the interesting twist was this quote:
"So far we have not been seeing buyers being concerned with sea level rise, which I'm a little surprised given all the media attention it has garnered lately," said Lisa Ferringo, president of the Marathon/Lower Keys Board of Realtors.
When will shore towns see that change? How much flooding is a meaningful inconvenience? Is this a bubble about to burst or a new standard of social resilience. Seems like there should be some sociologists building predictive models on this.

18 May 2016

Detroit's new ecology

Here is yet another interesting use for vacant sites in Detroit: Joan Nassauer is turning old basements into bioretention gardens. One report on the project suggested that it is about more than just stormwater:
"I do think these projects have the ability to inspire hope," Mobley said. "And they reinforce a message to residents: We haven't forgotten about you. You're important. You matter."

Geohealth 2016

With Summer underway, this is a great time to step back and look at larger topics. In particular, if you are interested in applications of GIS for health applications, you might start with the recently updated website for out Geohealth Lab Group at CRSSA.