23 June 2016

06 June 2016

FitCity 2016

Exciting to see more designers getting onto the bandwagon of making our communities healthy places. This week there is a great meeting at BAM in Brooklyn called FitCity 2016 that is exploring how design can improve health. Since it is sponsored by the AIA, it will probably be a little heavy on architecture, but the ideas should be edgy. And, if you can't attend in person, you can follow along at #FitCity2016

05 June 2016

Social GPS versus local residents

That great cut through that helped shave several minutes off your commute is no longer a secret due to Waze. The residents of the cut through neighborhood may be more upset than you. And, as the Washington Post writes, some of them have started fighting back by posting false information.

31 May 2016

Maker Park at Bushwick Inlet

It seems that each potential post-industrial park has to be debated again as if it were the first. Hence, the NYTimes coverage of the proposed Maker Park at Bushwick Inlet.

(Naturally, I don't mean that all of these parks should be slam dunks either. Each new park is its own park. It just seems like the coverage never recognizes that these are advancing a collective idea over time.)

27 May 2016

For booklovers

Do you remember Andre Chiote's posters of Brazilian World Cup stadia? Now Chiote has developed some elegant posters of great libraries around the world. Awesome illustrations.