02 September 2014

Welcome back!

Another school year has begun at Rutgers and that means renewing old traditions and starting new ones. In celebration of the new school year, the Interchanges tumblr blog is posting a series of school-related images.  Each day the blog is posting an air photo of an Interstate interchange that is the exit you would take for a major school.

Here is the exit for Dartmouth.

29 August 2014


November 2014 vote on open space: "I'll be voting no," Christie said during a news conference today in Sea Bright. "It's irresponsible to earmark (money) this way."

28 August 2014

Killing Time?

When people saw that this one plane was "pacing back and forth" it seemed suspicious. After all, this plane was low and slow. But the website Metabunk.org, which "is dedicated to the art and pastime of honest, polite, scientific debunking" took a closer look. Turns out it wasn't a North Korean bomber or aliens, but LiDAR.

Hence the new motto I propose: "LiDAR - Not as scary as aliens."

27 August 2014

Organized information

Through much of the literature of GIScience there is a theme of information organization. Information about metadata seems pretty meta, sometimes. But this List of lists of lists from Wikipedia top it all.

26 August 2014

Using maps for tough issues

FiveThirtyEight blog found itself turning to maps to explain some elements of the Michael Brown shooting and public response. With tough issues, like race and income, the maps tell a more complete and nuanced story than the statistics that 538 is so famous for. I think that in situations like these, they feel more true than simple numbers. But, just as importantly, as many readers are still trying to understand the basic landscape of the area, they provide a richer context.

25 August 2014

Lower Raritan partners and possible friends

The Lower Raritan Watershed is a large area and there are a lot of different groups that are either interested in it, or useful to those interested in the watershed. For our students, this list gives you some to explore, but is not close to being complete. It avoids companies and government groups except for environmental commissions.

Edison Wetlands Association


Lawrence Brook Watershed Partnership

The Watershed Institute

Central Jersey Bicycle Club

Raritan River Project at No Water No Life

American Littoral Society

Edison Greenways Group
East Coast Greenway

Highland Park Environmental Commission

Cranbury Environmental Commission

NJ Audubon

Endangered New Jersey

The NYNJCTBotany site has plant inventories for many sites within the watershed including (but not limited to) the Monmouth Battlefield State Park (in Monmouth County), Washington Valley Park (is Somerset County), Triple C Ranch (in Middlesex County), and the Watchung Reservation (in Union County).

23 August 2014

Art as landscape

Olafur Eliasson has outdone himself this time with a stream installation inside an art museum in Denmark.

Since you might not make it to Denmark this fall, you might have to settle for seeing art in other places.