01 September 2015

Welcome back!

Where has summer gone? If you had been on the department's Facebook page you would have seen my answer (hint: Spain).

As part of getting connected for the new school year, you can see glimpses of what we are doing on either the department's Facebook page or my own, on Twitter or on this very blog.

31 August 2015

The end of the AT

The NY Times took a look at the controversy about ending the Appalachian Trail somewhere other than at Mount Katahdin. Aside the main points of the story, the fact that the Times gives this story prime real estate in Section A and a slideshow online is testimony to how much people care about the AT.

The Lower Ninth Ward

Photos of the Lower Ninth Ward taken a few years after Katrina.

Terry Brown

Landscape architecture has lost one of its great educators, Terry Brown of Michigan. In a remembrance posted on the University's website by is former colleagues, it was mentioned that he worked at Architects Collaborative and was an alum of the University of Wisconsin.

28 August 2015

Remembering Mississippi

With all of the remembrances of Katrina this weekend, most of the attention is focused on New Orleans. But the impact on Coastal Mississippi of a 28 foot storm traveling more than 6 miles inland was, to me, unbelievable. The coverage this week in Sun Herald, complete with photos and videos and stories, shows devastation that was largely ignored in the shadow of New Orleans.

The photos below are all from Southern Mississippi following the storm. But they are not from 2 weeks after or 2 moths after the storm. The photos were all taken 14 months after the storm.

Mapping the oceans' debris

Sometimes students talk to me about mapping as if we've run out of spatial patterns to study. So I love seeing examples of new frontiers in mapping. What else is waiting to mapped?

A team from National Geographic has tackled questions about the debris (mostly plastic) floating around on the surface of the Earth's oceans. Their map reveals patterns previously unknown.

26 August 2015


Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. 

 - Robert McKee 

“If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.” 

- Siberian Elder

Finding our way

The BBC has some lovely photos of the designs of Adrian Fisher. They are captivating and confusing. Fisher explains, " Ideally, you need to get properly lost, but find your way out at the point just before you've had enough – during the period in which fun and disorientation are still operating hand in hand.”

Lose yourself in his work.