08 December 2016

Interative map of suburbs

With some regularity I find myself getting calls from people looking for an official map/dataset describing the edge of suburbia. Is it a detailed distinction that shows Morristown as a city compared to Morris Plains as suburbs? Or is a sweeping blob that begins and the Husdon River and reaches out through much of the Highlands? While there is nothing official, a new interactive map from RCLCO offers one fairly detailed interpretation of these boundaries. Perhaps most interesting is the group of classifications that they propose for describing these incredibly complex places.

06 December 2016

Barcelona Pavillion

I am a huge fan of the Barcelona Pavilion, one of Mies van der Rohe's greatest designs. I got hooked on it as a sophomore and have visited it repeatedly. One of the really fun ways I have shared that is taking students there, a true thrill for me.

But I mention it today because I just discovered a great video about the Pavilion. Made by the Arts & Culture Bureau, the video brings this seemingly simple structure to life. Here at the end of a stressful semester, it is a relaxing way to spend 30 minutes: