01 March 2017

Design videos

We had a conversation about design and planning today. I tried to find some interesting videos helping people walk through interesting examples.

The first surprise for me was the impressive set of videos from Smarthistory. These are Art History videos from Khan Academy. Two of them featured great designs, walking students through Maya Lin's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and the timeless zen garden at Ryoan Ji.

Some of the videos I found were more documentary in style. The first one here is an older documentary about Fallingwater. Despite the older video, the content provides some nice insight. The second is a documentary about one of my favorite architects, Fay Jones.

There were also some that were more like visitors' walk throughs. This one of the Seattle Public Library let's you see much of the place.

Not every design gets executed without a hitch. This video reflects on the early problems that Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall experienced. The next video walks through the realities of living in Celebration, FL.


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