29 January 2008

Noguchi park in Japan

Noguchi designed a great-looking park inside a river ox-bow Sapporo called Moerenuma Park. Unfortunately, it is far from Osaka and Tokyo and not a place that as many LAs are likely to visit. It is a hude park experience - like the California Scenario times 10. But, in this park almost every feature is meant as an object for play.

It is fairly widely described online including an entry in Wikipedia, a profile in Land+Living, a nice Flickr photostream, a nice write-up on a Sapporo site, and some early post-construction photodocumentation. Check themout, because the photo (above) from Wikipedia doesn't even begin to capture the variety and volume in this park.

I don't know how I would pull it off, but as a Noguchi fan I look forward to visiting someday and will keep it on my lifelist.

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Anonymous said...

And for more on the design of the park and Noguchi's thoughts on shaping the the earth, see the video "Isamu Noguchi: The Sculpture of Spaces." It also puts this park in context with several of his other landscape projects.