10 June 2009

The Treehouses are making a return

Last summer, the Tyler Arbortetum in Media, PA hosted a fun summer-long exhibition of treehouses. This summer they are back, with Totally Terrific Treehouses, Nature's Play. Last summer's show included a few that were serious constructions by professional designers, and some that were more artistic or whimsical, but all set in the beautiful arboretum landscapes.
One was so large you would have thought it required a building permit.

Another large one didn't go so high into the trees, but required exploration.

Not so much of a treehouse, one was a recreation of Thoreau's cabin from Walden Pond.
Others went in vastly different directions.

Although none went as far as the Tree Cube in this month's LAM, even of them were stimulating to warrant the trip from NJ. It was an especially nice treat for those with kids, but the sort of place that many landscape architects could really enjoy on a nice afternoon near Philly. (h/t puk)

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