14 March 2007


Since this week is our spring break, I realized that it was exactly 1 year ago that we were in Barcelona. The Met currently has a great exhibit on Barcelona's architecture and art. Even if you can't join us on our next trip, you should visit the exhibit. Heck, you should visit the Met.

Anyway, I thought I would celebrate by posting a few favorites from Barca.


Diogo said...

I had visited Barcelona in 1995 so it was time visit it again one more time. This year I toke a week for holidays and we went to Barcelona to visit a friend there. The experience was amazing and I found the city more fascinating than I remembered it. Finding a nice centrally located accommodation in hotels in Barcelona is no easier than any other great city, and so I am very fortunate that my wife's cousin Luisa has one with a view to Sagrada Familia. It's a cosmopilitan city with a lot of wonderful places to visit and enjoy. Its inhabitants are very friendly and helpful and they're very pleased to help you giving some information.
I really like this fascinating city.

Alex said...

Great pictures. I also have been to this great and wonderful city two times. This is one of my favorite cities to just wander around. It's generally very safe and clean, and the architecture of Gaudi among many other great Catalan architects, is wonderful to look at. I still have to meet the first person that has visited Barcelona and has not fallen in love with this city. Without a doubt this is the greatest place (with people in it) that I have visited so far.