15 October 2009

Landscape Architecture Outstanding Alumni Award

If you visit our department office in Blake Hall you can see the plaque honoring past winners of our Landscape Architecture Outstanding Alumni Award, but here is the complete list...

1981 Julius Gy Fabos
1982 Edgar B. Brannon
1983 Roger Wells
1984 H. Russell Hanna
1985 Thomas E. Wirth
1986 Steven R. Krog
1988 Paul T. Lettieri
1990 Roy J. Dunn
1994 Sheila Condon
1995 E. Timothy Marshall
1997 Samuel Melillo
1999 Leslie Peoples
2000 Stephen O’Connor
2001 Katy Weidel
2002 Steven Strom
2003 Thomas Donnelly
2004 Robert Sniekus
2005 Andrea Cochran
2006 Larry Porter
2007 Jack Carman
2008 Douglas Blonsky

Who'll win the award this year? Stay tuned.

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