09 October 2009

PlaNetizen's Top 100 Urban Thinkers

PlaNetizen went all Web 2.0 and had readers vote on the top 100 urban thinkers. For each one they have a separate brief web page that gives a bio. While it is nice to see oldie but goodies like John Nolen, Vitruvius and Patrick Geddes still getting their props, it is certainly interesting to see how contemporaries like Prince Charles, Andres Duany, or Christopher B. Leinberger stack up. (the Brooks Institute is well represented) All in all, it says as much about the readers as it does the people on the list.

I was particularlyhapp to see that the readers were moderately International in the voting including some early German and Australian thinkers as well as a personal favorite, Ildefonso Cerdá Suñer.

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