08 December 2010

Wildlife corridors

Kelly Brenner has a detailed post on Sustainable Cities Collective that looks into Wildlife Corridors.  It pointed out that planners aren't yet making these as effective as they could be: "A study from 2008 found that planners and designers need to think more naturally because corridors that were too symmetrical were not as effective as corridors with some asymmetry and irregularities."


Bill Wolfe said...

Excellent post!

For those interested in NJ, the concept of corridors is recognized and a priority in NJ's Wildlife Action Plan - see:


Puk said...

Michele Foucault might suggest that the turn of phrase itself predetermines the design outcome. Say "corridor" and I think linear. Say something that denotes "amorphous," and I might look to the migratory habits of the species in question to inform my design.

Bill Wolfe said...

puk makes good linguistic point, but why is "amorphous" any more design relevant to biology than corridor? Is "corridor" not modified by "wildlife"?