15 December 2010

Dangermond Fellowship deadline is Feb 15th

The Dangermond Fellowship

Award: Up to three (3) $10,000 fellowships awarded each year to graduate students in the United States. Recipients are also awarded ESRI software, technical training access, and travel costs to conferences.
Deadline: February 15

The Landscape Architecture Foundation, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), and the American Society of Landscape Architects jointly sponsor the Dangermond Fellowship, a national fellowship for graduate students of landscape architecture. The purpose of the fellowship is to promote and facilitate the integration of art, science, method, and technology in the study and profession of landscape architecture, and encourage the use of geographic information systems (GIS) as a framework for exploring integrated approaches to landscape assessment and intervention.

Students wishing to apply for a fellowship can apply as individuals or as members of interdisciplinary project teams. Individual applicants are required to be graduate students studying landscape architecture. All members of a project team are required to be graduate students with at least one member majoring in landscape architecture. The applicants are to be supported by one or more faculty advisors. The principal advisor should be a faculty member in the department of landscape architecture. Employees of ESRI and their relatives are not eligible for the fellowship.

Selection criteria will include the creative use of geographic information systems (GIS) as a framework for exploring integrated approaches to landscape assessment (analysis) and intervention (planning, design and management).

In addition to the General Submission Guidelines this fellowship requires the following:

1. A written proposal for the work to be undertaken (limit 3 pages) containing the following:
• an objective, outcome and method
• transferability of the proposed work
• deliverables
• level of institutional support (faculty, facilities, etc.)
2. A cover letter from the principal faculty advisor indicating his/her faculty position and confirming department approval and adherence to the overall goals of the fellowship
3. A specific delineation of the roles of each team member and faculty advisor(s)

A one-page biographical sketch of the faculty advisor(s)
5. Two letters of recommendation for individual or team efforts from faculty members not involved in project.

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