10 January 2011

Job in upstate New York

ORI – Organic Recycling Inc was established in 1985. Its business can divided into 2 aspects 1) Compost project management and 2) One stop horticultural supply centers that offer bulk mulch, compost, topsoil and other landscape needs, a wholesale stone and pavers center and wholesale nursery. ORI is an MBE.
In the east coast we have 2 Supply Center – 1) Orangeburg NY (30 Acres) and 2) Goshen,NY which is 85 Acres.


a) Qualified Landscape Architect or Agronomist
b) One to three years work experience within the horticulture/plants industry. Some knowledge of plants and landscape construction preferred.
c) Trainable Person:
i) Capable and motivated to learn the ORI business approach and products
ii) Self motivated and confident type of personality
iii) Capable of undertaking a project on his own with reference and parameters provided.
iv) Capable of professional presentation
d) Experience in marketing in the NY Metropolitan Area
• Increase customer base (increase ORI’s off-site business development/sales effort and increase ORI’s geographical territory)
• Implement and maintain a consistent customer service program
• Support sales effort of Division Managers.
Increasing ORI Customer Base - Landscape Architects, Property Developers and Property Development Contractors State authorities (e.g. NYSDOT, NYC Agencies, NJSDOT) and Municipal Departments (e.g. DPW, Parks Dept etc.) by

• Develop awareness of ORI Products and Services targeting
• Determining contact person(s) for these target customers
• Contacting these target customers:
a) via post-card/email for initial awareness
b) via telephone requesting for personal appointment to presentation and to drop-off ORI “Products & Service Manual”. Develop “Power-point” presentation
c) Presentation booths at appropriate trade shows e.g. Landscape Architect Association Annual Conference ADPW Trade Show

* Acquire knowledge of ORI’s existing customers
* To get ORI Products and Services specified in plans
* General Marketing activities
* Develop market intelligence e.g. competitors, new projects, customer feedback, new products, price changes, changes in market conditions etc. Monitor specific competitors/vendors for business development purposes
* Monitor listing of projects etc. from permit listing Service Company.
* Business Development via Web-Site. Organize and maintain internet and usps mailing list for the above described category of customers.
* Participate in Trade Shows. Develop a list if target trade shows.
* Assist with Advertisement and Promotions Program(s)
* Assist with ongoing Monthly Product Sales Program
* Assist with customer loyalty program
* Special Sales Events at the ORI Sales Centers.
* Customer Service Program:
o To develop a customer service program in coordination/consultation with Division Managers.
o Customer Service Program provides for scheduled and consistent business contacts (telephone calls/visits) with existing and potential customers
o Customer Service Program commences after the Training Period and the initial launch of the program to increase ORI’s customer base.
* Assist Division Managers with sales closings (once initial business development task have been implemented).

Please fax resume to Organic Recycling Inc at 845-398-1017 or email to hr@organicrecycling.com

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