01 August 2013

Another player on the shore

I am not surprised to see special interest groups like the ALS, or builders associations, or Audubon showing direct interest in redevelopment at the Jersey Shore. Ever since Superstorm Sandy visited, discussions about the future have been more heated. But today's NJ.com described a group that hasn't been as visible in coastal issues: the AARP. Are they complaining about care facilities or evacuation plans? No, Verizon. And, based on the NJ.com report, this isn't a pleasant little intellectual debate:

"This is typical over-the-top, the-sky-is-falling rhetoric from the AARP," he said. "Verizon's goal is to provide our customers with the best service, with the best technology."
 How many other unexpected issues and interested parties will Sandy bring out? How many more will the next storm unearth unexpectedly?

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