12 August 2014

Lower Raritan Historical Maps

Returning to Mike Siegel's New Jersey Historical Maps, the 350 square miles of the Lower Raritan Watershed have produced some remarkable map products.

This aerial perspective map of New Brunswick from 1910 captures in great detail how the city looked when factories still lined the banks.

More functional than historic, this 1968 Master Plan for Edison anticipates a largely industrial future rather than the town of over 100,000 that it has become.

John Brush used historic records to create this 1850 map of Piscataway.

Ever hear of Herbert? It was to be a development near Spotswood, not far from what is now Route 18.

A recent map of what used to be one of the oldest settlements in New Jersey. Remnants were found as recently as 2008.

And we have the Battle of Monmouth, birthplace of the legend of Molly Pitcher.

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