06 May 2015

Eminent domain today

The “necessity and wisdom of using eminent domain” are “matters of legitimate public debate.”
— Justice John Paul Stevens, Kelo v. City of New London (2005)
Think eminent domain disputes are a thing of the past?

In North Carolina a small town is using eminent domain to move ahead with a greenway project. One of the acquisitions will cost just $250.

In Iowa, a reservoir project has stirred up opposition with it eminent domain plans, but the courts say it is OK. Meanwhile the Iowa legislature is voting on whether to allow eminent domain for energy projects.

In family in Virginia Beach is suing their state DOT over land condemned for highway ramps: "I think they're bullies," Jim said. "They're out of control."

Nearby, when the City of Norfolk tried to take a building, the owners hung a banner protesting the condemnation. They thought it was free speech but the City thought it was a violation of local sign ordinances and ordered the sign taken down. Critics hope the sign case makes it to the Supreme Court.

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