04 May 2015

Photographer routes

Walking up the High Line, I first took a photo at 21st St, then I saw some cool grasses around 24th, and that cool use of the old train structure at 26th, and then the view across the city at 28th.  When I did that, the geotagged photos that I posted on Flickr contained enough information (time and space) for Eric Fischer to see where I took the photos and infer where I walked.  Fischer's Geotaggers Atlas tracks the paths of Flickr photographers so you can see where they went, the Maps Mania blog explains.

Look how much the HighLine stands out...

The patterns in Barcelona might help us find a new stop that we would have otherwise missed.

And it even includes place that are a little out of way, like Sandy Hook, NJ. You can see the main areas where people take pictures.
Plus, it look like one beach is more photographed than the others. I wonder what could make it so different.

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