15 November 2016

High tide in AC

Lots of talk about the state government takeover of Atlantic City which has included discussions about the water supply for the City. But none that I have seen includes talk about the continuing impacts of encroaching water from sea level rise in AC.

Check out this morning's tide gages which show high tide reaching around 6.4'. Dan Skeldon says anything over 6' means water in a few streets and lawns. But for those not at the shore, let's note that there is no hurricane or Nor'easter today. So, that sounds like it is just annoyance flooding, with a few roads closes here and there, but it is also repeating phenomenon that the neighbors have learned to ignore. Why don't people in Kansas and Idaho hear more about sea level rise? One reason is that the people who are watching it happen don't even think of it as news worthy.

Down in Egg Harbor you can see that this morning is clearly different than other tide cycles.

Atlantic City (and other coastal NJ communities) is experiencing an increased amount of annoyance flooding. Tourists don't usually see it because the beachfront is higher than much of the city. But it happens with sufficient frequency for the City to keep police barricades handy near key intersections along the back bay.

And this increase in local flooding will cost the bankrupt city more and more, even without a major storm. If you are ever there on a rainy day, check out AC's West End Ave and Ventnor's Burk Ave and see if there is a little more action that you expected.

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