02 May 2011

SCOTUS cases

While we talked about a number of takings cases in class, we didn't have a reading to supplement those lectures.  To help I've rushed to slap together some links, although I can't claim to have read them all.  Which also means that I cannot vouch for their quality or usefulness other than in the most indirect ways.

From Wikipedia/SOTUSWiki:

Cornell Law School has pulled up some of the SCOTUS texts:
The APA's policy blog delves a little deeper into state responses to Kelo.


Max said...

Last ditch participation grade boosting effort******

Also, in as few words as possible what would you say is the easiest thing to mess up on the final?

David Tulloch said...

Not taking good notes in late March.

Alana said...

thanks for the extra info on these cases. definitely helped to clarify some things for the final