07 December 2006

A new Town Center for "Us"

Labelled as a new "smart growth" project, this is the official website for a new Transit Village on the Northeast Corridor in North Brunswick. The proposal is to take the old Johnson & Johnson site on Route 1 and convert it into a significant community hub. While the words "New Urbanism" seems to be conspicuously absent, I do see TND and TOD popping up in an early newsletter. For those unfamiliar with the site or or concepts, I would encourage you to watch the main video/ad for the project.

The project team includes Hillier and the relatively new firm of MelvinKernan which brings some great experiences to bear on planned communities.

The participatory elements are particularly interesting as they have insisted on running a series of public workshops. Their website includes photos and videos from the workshops which seem well run. The challenge, as with most public participatory work, is how to respond to the public comments while doing something creatively original and financially successful.

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Anonymous said...

I think the overall design and plan as developed by Hillier is good. I along with majority of my neighbors in Renaissance have a major problem with the road that will connect the Train Station with Route 130, which means it also connects to Route 1 as well. As a Train commuter for close to 18 years, I see last minute arrivals in the morning or those rushing home in the evening cuasing hazardous conditions on a road that has many school buses in the morning and kids playing in the afternoon. If this bridge redesigned to utilize Finigan's Lane or the newly constructred road with the soccer field off of 130, my neighbors and I would have no objections.