16 June 2008

Geographically stable

We've all heard how more than half of those surveyed said they'd change their summer vacation plans if the price of gas keeps going up. But there is also some reporting that the housing crisis is causing more families to keep from relocating. When you get that great job offer in Texas or Minnesota, selling your old house at a loss of a few hundred thousand can be a real deal killer.

The combined factors could really change local economies as people suddenly discover new ways to enjoy their own places. It could also change perspectives. Has the high level of mobility undermined the commitment of property owners to actively participate in improving the quality of their own communities? Could this change?

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Suzanne Pilaar said...

Speaking of the price of gas, here in Turkey it's 3 something a liter, about $10-$12 a gallon. ouch.

Anyway what I really wanted to tell you was that there is an archaeologist here at the site (Alalakh)who works on ancient clay seals (and mudbrick). He's studying production variation through time, place, etc. and he's using ArcGIS to do it. He scans in 3D images of the seal and then does surface analyses. It seems you can tell where the carving started based on elevation from one corner of the seal to the other, which might lead to being able to identify different makers, styles, etc. I thought you might find that yet another cool application of GIS technology!

I'm blogging about Turkey at thelaklak.blogspot.com, if you ever want to check it out-but I'm quite the blogging newbie!