28 April 2008

Interesting Class

10:762:435 Administrative Issues in Environmental and Land-Use Planning (3) In-depth use of planning tools such as zoning, subdivision, housing, and eminent domain, and their use in comparative land-use systems.
. . . 762:435:10229 W 6:40-9:30 LCB 103 BELNAY

Dr. Glen Belnay is an Environmental Planner and Health Officer for Hillsborough, NJ and has taught for Rutgers for many years.

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David Tulloch said...

As a follow-up I got this:

10:762:435 Administrative Issues in Environmental Issues and Land Use Planning : Examines the land development process at the municipal level. The course is led by an instructor with extensive municipal experience who is a graduate of the doctoral program at the Bloustein School. A case study format working with actual site plans illustrate the elements of site plan review, natural resource preservation, sustainable energy design, and expert testimony used to support development proposals being acted on by municipal planning boards and boards of adjustment. This is a "hands on" course that can provide practical insight into the planning and site design process useful for future planning professionals as well as anyone who aspires to someday own a home, open a business, or invest in real property.