24 February 2007

Winning costs

Now that Rutgers has a winning football team, they are enforcing a rules system that awards better season tickets to those who donate money to the school. Someone who has held their season tickets for 8 years might suddenly need to donate $300 to keep their seats if they are in prime territory.

"We went through all those losing seasons," said the East Brunswick resident, who spent the bulk of his career in the business of printing words on canned goods. "They win a couple of games, and now they're throwing me out."

Well, this is just one cost of winning. But I don't understand how folks
how've been attending Div-IA games all of these years can be so surprised. The football team has been costing the school tons of cash over the years with the promise that a winning team would suddenly bring in money. Even last year, we lost $3 or 4 million on football. But that is less than we used to lose ($5 million).

If you were cheering for them to become a big-time, ranked program surely you understood that it meant that the coach would become less accessible, the tickets would cost more, more players would be academically marginal, and more opponents would accuse RU of cheating. You did know that, right?

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