11 March 2009

Censoring Google Maps

A California legislator wants to blur out all of the schools and hospitals and churches and government buildings that you currently can see on detailed image sites like Live.com and Google Maps. He would charge them a $250,000/day fine each day that he can find a government building displayed. In an interview, he clarifies that they don't have an inalienable right to show those photos"
Q: If AB-255 (the censorship bill) does pass, why do you believe it would stand up to a court challenge?

Anderson: That's their option. They can take it to court. But since when do you have a First Amendment right to yell fire? This falls under the same category.

I don't think he understands how integrated this resource has become in day-today government operations around the country. It would be like taking away the GPS sugnal after we have all adjusted our business models and flight plans based on a heavy reliance on it.

Just imagine what our enemies could do if they could locate this top secret government facility that is otherwise so well hidden:

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Anonymous said...

If the public can view air photos of military installations, so can terrorists. But since academia hates the military, who cares, right?

David Tulloch said...

Military is a different matter in the News.

Toronto Real Estate said...

I don't understand Mr. Anderson's logic. How do any of these photos violate any current laws? It just seems like a very stupid and pointless idea. If he wants to delete the photos from google maps and live.com then why not delete the locations of these buildings from actual maps too.

Take care, Elli

given said...

And here is a tutorial for Google Maps made in paper :) (just for fun)
Pretty sure you'll like it.