07 December 2009

Big news: Greenhouses gas regulation

Today's announcement that the EPA is going to start regulating greenhouses gas emissions is going to start some very interesting debates. Like it or hate it, this will be big news. The timing is interesting - both in reference to Copenhagen and the dust-up over emails. But this will be the first big test for New Jerseyan Lisa Jackson as EPA administrator (even though it will probably be a far less sweeping implementation that most first assume when they hear the news today).

The EPA website reports that it will be a major announcement today at around 1:15:
"The media briefing will be streamed live via the EPA homepage: http://www.epa.gov"

This will be a big story in the US for a long time to come, I suspect. But it will be interesting to see how ho-hum (or not) the rest of the world treats it.

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