22 June 2010

St Croix thoughts

As our seniors prepare to study the island, I thought I would share some initial thoughts. 

It struck me as an island of contrasts between the real and natural St Croix/s and the built.

It seems easy enough to say, "Oh, we don't need to preserve that little piece, no one would develop it anyway." That is probably what someone thought about Protestant Cay, a tiny little island which sits a few yards off the shore of Christiansted.  Seems too small to develop...

They built the touristy stuff so close to the water that the boardwalk had to go out beyond the shore.

Some National Parks take a seemingly insignificant historic site, an obscure fort, or an old iron furnace, and they build massive monuments and markers.  At Salt River Bay they take one of the more significant historic sites in the country, the only place in the US where Christopher Columbus landed (although he stayed onboard), and they have gone for a more subtle approach.

At least the cars stay several feet back from the beach. And there is a sign to tell you it isn't just any old beach.

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