02 June 2009

Expendable parks

California Governor Schwarzenegger is considering closing as many as 220 parks as part as a response to the state's continuing budget crisis.Another 59 are profitable and will probably stay open. Is it a strawdog proposal meant to get some response or is it a serious effort to make a tiny dent in a huge budget hole? There is already a website to fight the proposal, called Save Our State Parks and the State Parks Foundation has a for letter for citizens to email.


Kim said...
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Kim said...

I just can't understand how a park can be judged on its profitability. They mean so much more than that. Grrr.

(Sorry about the typo in the last post)

Puk said...

I just visited the General's home, the barracks, and the mission. As long as they are preserved, I don't think anybody will miss public access to them.