28 September 2011

Live Blog: Wansoo Im

2011 Environmental Geomatics  Lecture

Wansoo Im, Vertices, Inc.
PPGIS: Promoting Community Engagement

Lots of projects:

Using GIS for persons with disability in Korea
   with custom app for iPhone and Android

A middle school worked with Vertices to create their own map of deer sightings and accidents.

In Nashville they created a portal for crime and health issues.

Here in NJ he worked with CRSSA to create a stormwater mapping tool.
Their mapping application for rivers, IM Rivers, is used by organizations around the country working to improve the environment.
Their work on the Lower Columbia River help galvanize volunteer efforts.

Closer to home, members of the West Windsor community have used his tools to map walkability
In Woodbridge students contributed to a walkability audit

Current students might also want to check out other projects like:
His Mappler app was used to map Healthy Food Options in New Brunswick.
An interactive map of photos from along the Delaware and Raritan Canal
The Franklin Township SOCIO project mapped Safe Routes to School
In Garfield students mapped Healthy Assets and Walkability
New Brunswick students mapped bike racks and train stations

Save The Raritan River  (Look for our group photo!)

Current students might be particularly interested in the D&R Canal

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