06 December 2011

yet another 9/11 memorial in the crossfire

9/11 memorials seem to still be a regular source of controversy, so maybe it isn't a surprise that the new Mercer County 9/11 Memorial is getting some unusual attention.  It is interesting that former Rutgers basketball coach Kevin Bannon gets mentioned.

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Bill Wolfe said...

Brain Hughes, Mercer Co. Executive is so out of touch.

I live on the border of Mercer Co. There has been a bridge out on Rt 518 since one of the storms (I forgot). Months,and months, Rt. 518 is closed.

No sign of any reconstruction for months.

Anyway, rceenrly, I heard him on NPR BRAGGING that a new County in house engineering approach would may bridge replacement FASTER!

I don't know if h was cynically doing this to inoculate himself from or preempt criticism of the delays, or whether he is just clueless.