05 June 2012

Getting around NYC

Summer is a great time for getting out and finding new experiences in New York City.  Museum exhibits and new buildings are always out there.  But just a simple walk through Astoria or Morningside Heights can help you see urban life in a different light. What else could you do to tap into NYC this summer?

Of course, you could go on the walking tour this Saturday
Check out the changes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
As you walk around ask whether the work is almost done (one more term!)
Feed the birds at Pier 15
Or, weigh in on the illegal Dunkin' Donuts signs (which, FWIW, also missspell doughnuts)

With that in mind I offer you my growing, draft map of underappreciated spots in NYC that you might visit. But use it at your own risk.
View Dr. T's Map of New York City's Underappreciated Sites in a larger map

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Puk said...

Jack Eichenbaum is the king of NYC walking tours. Many are co-sponsored by the Municipal Arts Society. There's even an (iTunes) app for that!