13 March 2013

Liveblog: Alistair McIntosh on Observation

Alistair McIntosh
Observation & Landscape Architecture

Studied at Edinburgh and UPenn

from Scotland
Cold and bleak place with an austere beauty

Previously at Hanna/Olin where he worked on J & J headquarters
Became, in part, about the idea of landscape and architecture coalescing.

(photos from Bria Holcomb's exhibit on New Brunswick changing landscape)

Self-Organizing Landscapes
  example: Walden Woods

Indianapolis Waterfront Master Plan (Mapped)    forms can be traced back to Aalto and 19th century harborworks and French engineering

Cincinnati Smale Waterfront Park (Mapped)    Includes geothermal elements
  terraces, adventure playground, earthworks
   past work upstream was done by Zion and EDAW

Choose between two open space typologies:
  • Bryant Park - open space trees on the side
  • Harvard Yard - continuous grove of trees in the middle
How can you take making things and find the material language that will allow you to embody your ideas?

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