17 April 2013

LiveBlog: Sub-arctic landscapes

Janike Kampevold Larsen 
Beyond the Nation: Contemporary Challenges for Northern and Arctic Landscapes

Some sloppy notes from a great lecture today:

Current features includes glaciers, oil and gas industries, impassable mountain regions (until after WWII)
The landscapes were captures by Maximillian Carpelan and Johannes Flintoe

An abundance of minerals and metals (like aluminum) has led to an increased exposure to mining which is changing the landscapes of Northern Sweden

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Influences are shared beyond Norway:
Rockefeller State Park

Railing at the falls at Videseter shows how deep the notion of landscape at Stourhead really is

Nedre Oscarshaug
At Bergbotn, Senja, Code architecture's undulating cantilevered bridge

How do we learn how to see?

We also heard some quotes from Friends of the Pleistocene (FOP) Blog

Landskip and Landschaft as competing ideas
Everything is a story

(Our guest speaker never mentioned the Witch Monument in Vardø, but once I stumbled into it I had to link to it as well)

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James said...

Cool post, I would have liked to sat in on that lecture! I wish we could use our valuable resources more wisely! We have got to become more energy efficient as a nation!