09 July 2013

Sandy Shore news

According to the Star-Ledger, the NJ Supreme Court has ruled that Harvey Cedars couple does not have to be reimbursed for a lost view that is blocked the the state's rebuilding of a dune that will protect them and their neighbors. If the decision seems obvious to you, make sure you read the comments after the article.

The Star-Ledger also reports that many shore homeowners are finally realizing that they can't repair the damage and will have to remove their old houses and rebuild. It isn't clear whether they will get help from their banks or will rebuild in new ways, like modular construction.

And, despite encouragement to builder smarter and greener and dune-friendly, legislators are considering a bill that would green light new development in high-hazard coastal areas. Remember how well the amusement park on a pier held up? Would it be a good idea to encourage more of that?

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