03 July 2013

The ASLA announces the newest Jot D. Carpenter Award Winner

The NOLA Times-Picayune reports that LSU's Max Conrad has been named as the 2013 recipient of the ASLA Jot D. Carpenter Award, the society's highest award for teaching.

If you look at the list of past winners on the ASLA's website, you'll see that LSU appears to be the first school to land 2 Carpenter Awards:
 2013 Max Z. Conrad, FASLA
 2012 Herrick Smith, FASLA
 2011 George Curry, FASLA
 2010 John F. Collins, FASLA
 2009 Dennis J. Day, FASLA
 2008 Linda Jewell, FASLA
 2007 Terence G. Harkness, FASLA
 2006 Donald L. Collins, FASLA
 2005 Robert S. "Doc" Reich, FASLA
 2004 Marvin I. Adleman, FASLA
 2003 Craig W. Johnson, ASLA
 2002 Alton A. Barnes Jr., FASLA
 2000 Roy DeBoer, FASLA

Geaux Tigers!

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