26 March 2015

Haven't you earned a reward?

***Please share with your students and staff/ faculty in whatever way best
for your programs.***

REMINDER - DUE FRIDAY APRIL 10! Deadline Coming Soon  in 2 Weeks!  

2015-16 SEBS Scholarships: Application DUE NEXT FRIDAY : APRIL 10

* SEBS Scholarship Application (Award amounts vary)
- All SEBS students (Classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018) are encouraged to
complete the SEBS Scholarship Application whereas over 500 scholarships are
awarded through this one application. IMPORTANT: ALL ACADEMIC MAJORS ARE
ELIGIBLE! All SEBS students are encouraged to apply.

For application and information: http://sebs.rutgers.edu/sfa/current/sebs.asp
All scholarship information is easily available and understandable on this
listed website.

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