15 January 2016

Friday Fotos: Queens

Yesterday I posted a BBC story praising what they called boring places in Europe. But for those unable to travel to Europe, there are closer places that are mistakenly called boring. Maybe some of these rainy day photos from Queens will help you find a place with which to connect.

Flushing Main Street is a neighborhood that is almost like a trip overseas.

Flushing also has some truly historic areas. The Old Quaker Meeting House is hundreds of years old. But Queens was also home to the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs.

 Olmsted's Forest Hills is a great stop. 

And sprinkled throughout are interesting benches and planters and fences and lions.

It doesn't have to be Queens. Just find a place you don't know well and explore. The world is filled with places, and few are as boring as people like to say.

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