23 May 2007


Since yesterday's post about Persian gardens, I have been thinking about the great photos of Isfahan online. I realized that I definitely should be including it on my life list of places I want to visit someday. It is a World Heritage site. PPS has Isfahan's grand Imam Square highlighted on their list of 60 of the World's Great Places. The city, as a whole, is described as both historic and beautiful. One post I found described it as the most beautiful city in the world. I won't know until I see it (which will probably be a while).

I have also added it to my maps.

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fateme said...

I came across your website today as I was searching for pics of Isfahan.Maybe you have visited Isfahan until now but if you haven't, I suggest you visit Yazd too, that is, if you are planning to come to Iran. Although the architecture is not as beautiful as Isfahan, but Yazd has it's own glory and unique buildings I havent' seen anywhere else. Feel free to send an email if you ever plan to visit Iran. I would be happy to give useful information. my email: ff_chegini@yahoo.com