05 May 2007

Watch that water

Happy Derby Day!

Hargreaves design for the Waterfront Park in Lousiville included some major water features that invite barefooted visitors in the summer to wade in and splash around. But James Brugger of the C-J writes about how there have been bacterial problems in some of the water.
If you aren' familiar with the park, you might check out some slideshows of photos online.
Here's the photo that blew me away.

But the water problem raises an interesting question about what to do. You can already see in the photos from the C-J that putting up signs detracts from the appearance of the original design. But fencing off these areas becomes a much larger distraction and it might still be hard to keep people out. After all, the whole point of these areas was to integrate the movement of park visitors and the movement of water while highlighting places where they intersect.

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Amadie said...

If you think signs warning people not to play in the water are intrusive, imagine what it will be like on the Great Lawn when the new freeway overpass is built!