03 March 2008

Central Park Lecture at Rutgers

The Central Park Conservancy:
Managing an American Masterpiece of Landscape Architecture

Douglas Blonsky
Recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Alumni Award from the Department of
Landscape Architecture

This week our seminar will be given by another of our alumni. Douglas Blonsky has served as President of the Central Park Conservancy since 2004. During his ten years as Administrator for the Central Park Conservancy, he has led a diverse range of projects within this icon of landscape
architecture. As his title indicates, he will talk about the competing responsibilities he faces in protecting this historic landscape in a public and densely populated setting.

Room 110 Cook Douglass Lecture Hall
Wednesday, March 5


Peter said...

Who are the "RU LA Alumni of the Year" award recipients from previous years?

David Tulloch said...

Working from memory, I know it includes names like Julius Fabos and Steve Strom. It would be great to post the list. I'll check the plaque at Blake Hall and get it online.

Peter said...

That sounds great.

David Tulloch said...

I posted a list at: