13 March 2008

New Brunswick Keeps Growing

DEVCO and the City of New Brunswick announced plans for a new high-rise development in downtown that would house two of the theaters and solidify the reputation of New Brunswick as a theater city. This new development is proposed for Livingston Ave across from the new Heldrich Center. DEVCO has more details online. The Home News reports that this isn't the only thing going on downtown:
While several projects in the last decade have altered the city's streetscape and skyline — among them the Heldrich Hotel, Rockoff Hall, the Liberty Plaza mixed-use development, the One Spring Street apartment tower, and the revamped Middlesex County administrative and courts complex, which is across Bayard Street from the project unveiled Tuesday — others are about to get under way.

Construction on the 18-story building that will house the Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey on Little Albany Street began last year and the $130 million Gateway multi-use project that will extend from Easton Avenue and Somerset Street is set for a fall groundbreaking.

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