22 January 2009

Roberto Burle Marx

The NY Times posted a slideshow and review of a new museum exhibit in Rio on Roberto Burle Marx. It is great to see this important painter and landscape architect getting some well deserved attention. His parks are treated as giant paintings and his home is a national landmark. But it his sensitivity to the landscape that is praised by Virginia's architecture dean, Karen Van Lengen :
“Burle Marx was prescient in his reverence for plants and his stewardship of the whole nursery, for his ability to see the garden both as an aesthetic experiment and also as part of the ecology,” Ms. Van Lengen said. “That’s the challenge for today’s landscape architects, to bring those energies together.

“Burle Marx was already doing that before most people were even thinking about it, so he really stands alone.”

Land+Living had some good photos and links a while back.

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