07 July 2009

What to see in New York?

Time to reassess your summer. For those in the tri-state area it might mean asking, Have you made the most of your trips to New York and around its vicinity?

To start, have you made it to the High Line?

Have you seen the new Thom Mayne building at Cooper Union?

Have you seen the cleaned up, 50-year old Guggenheim Museum with its special exhibit on Frank Lloyd Wright?

You are going to the Museum of the City of New York (up near the Harlem Meer) to see Eric Sanderson's Mannahatta exhibit, right? (E.S. is a former and future speaker series speaker)

On July 14th the Hispanic Society of America in Harlem has an experience about how sound can organize the experience of space.

You can wait until Fall to visit Storm King to see the new Maya Lin installation and the temporary exhibit.

Here on our side of the Hudson you could head down to the Princeton Art Museum for a free exhibition signaling the retirement of former speaker series speaker, Yoshiaki Shimiku called Memorable Encounters from H┼Źnen to de Kooning: In Honor of Yoshiaki Shimizu.

Peek at the progress at Brooklyn Bridge Park

And, of course, you have to lounge around Times Square.

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