24 February 2010

Lecture Today: Elijah Huge Contrived Environments

Department of Landscape Architecture | Spring 2010 Lecture Series
Wednesday, February 24, 3:55 in Cook Douglass Lecture Hall, Room 110

Elijah Huge, Architect
Contrived Environments

Eschewing traditional disciplinary boundaries between architecture and landscape design, Periphery and North Studio pursue projects which strive to address the built environment as a collection of interconnected organic, synthetic, and regulatory conditions.  These contrived environments are designed to reveal or redirect landscape patterns and processes within specific sites or constructed situations.  In what is perhaps a curious
inversion, Periphery is a professional design entity working primarily on speculative projects, while North Studio is an academic initiative that is committed to seeing work built.  Initiated in 2006, North Studio works out of Wesleyan University's historic Center for the Arts (CFA), designed by the office of Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo.  A nationally-recognized, landscape-focused atelier, North Studio operates as a contemporary variation on the traditional Beaux-Arts model of architectural practice and education,
undertaking projects with non-profit and public clients.  Focusing on relationships between architecture and landscape, each project is expected to balance three objectives: the production of relevant design research,
real-world testing of ideas incubated in the studio, and the implementation of community-based, sustainable built work.

Elijah Huge is an architect and director of the design firm Periphery.  Exploring the interactions between landscape, regulatory conditions, and architecture, his work includes award-winning competition entries for the High Line (New York, NY), the Bourne Bridge|Park (Bourne, MA), and the Tangshan Earthquake Memorial (Tangshan, China).  His writings and design work have been featured in Praxis, Thresholds, Perspecta, Architectural Record, Landscape Architecture, Dwell, Journal of Architectural Education, and Competitions.

A graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, Elijah Huge received the AIA Henry Adams Medal and was editor of Perspecta 35: Building Codes.  He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley and Assistant Professor of Art at Wesleyan University.  At Wesleyan, he leads the architecture studio track in the Department of Art & Art History and the North Studio atelier.  Focused on developing and producing research and conceptually driven projects with nonprofit and public clients, North Studio is both a locus for undergraduate design education within the context of Wesleyan University's liberal arts curriculum and collaborative committed to seeing work built.

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