24 February 2010

LiveBlog: Elijah Huge

Elijah Huge, Architect
Contrived Environments

Leads both a student studio (North Studio) and a separate small professional studio (Periphery)
 SplitFrame at Mattebeseck Reserve in CT was a design-build project
The project sequence was influenced by the site and created a viewing deck that allowed visual access to the water while creating a structure that reflected the unique characteristics of the place

In Cape Cod Periphery worked on a comeptition project at Buzzards Bay Village
The centerpiece was a town green that, it was felt, should be more about water than land
They created a series of forms and voids that allowed the tide to create a daily drama as it flowed in and out

Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park

A bamboo project at the Schuykill Center

His students designed and built a Sukkah at Weslyan
While initially unfamiliar with the details, they were offered some rabbinic code and encouraged to design something that could be erected every year
The final design was a series of arches which blurred the distinction between walls and ceiliing

Part of the goal is to treat architecture as something that isn't clearly defined - none of these projects have doors
The tectonics and materiality finds a commonality with us as landscape architects and designers

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