05 April 2010

Digital Praxis Evolution in the Landscape Studio

Department of Landscape Architecture | Spring 2010 Lecture Series
Wednesday, April 7, 3:55 in Cook Douglass Lecture Hall, Room 110

Scott Carman; Landscape Architect, Principal c2/ studio Landscape Architect; Lecturer, RISD
Digital Praxis Evolution in the Landscape Studio

Historically tentative to incorporate new technology into practice, many landscape architecture firms still struggle with defining the role of computer technology and digital media in their work.  Frequently, it has come only as a reactionary and necessary response to the changing demands of interdisciplinary collaborations.  The resulting pervasive compartmentalization of specific functions as 'digital' impedes the greater integrative potential that the technology offers.  Citing examples from his experiences in academia and private practice, Scott Carman traces shifting patterns of engagement with technology and discusses the fertile transformational possibilities that are now emerging.

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