30 April 2010

A summer at the Eastern Shore?

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC) is looking for both a planning and a GIS intern this summer. In fact, all told they have four internships advertised and each could appeal to a different subset of the Places and Spaces readership.
  • Education/Rural Heritage Day Planner
  • Land Steward Intern
  • Planning/Design Education
  • GIS Intern

Here is the description of the GIS internship:
GIS Intern Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC) is looking for a summer GIS intern to assist our Land Conservation and Planning programs with map production. The successful candidate will help to bridge the gap between agricultural software and surveying software. The position will support ongoing GIS data development in creating and preparing maps using existing data sources as well as creating or obtaining any necessary project data.  The Applicant should be proficient working with and maintaining geodatabases and project folders in a shared network environment. In depth knowledge of ArcGIS 9.2 and general GIS theory is essential, as well as general computer aptitude. The Internship would be partnered with the University of Maryland’s Wye Research and Education Center (WREC). The WREC seeks someone to bridge the gap between their existing agricultural and surveying software. They are trying to build a sub inch map of their research farm using a handheld GPS with RTK correction and need a candidate with precision mapping tools to provide the necessary sub inch accuracy because the surveying side will not let for easy merging of agricultural records. All equipment needed to build an accurate history of the farm to the accuracy is provided but need successful candidate to put it all together to work as a single unit. Housing option available. Please send letter of interest and resumé ASAP to Megan D’arcy, ESLC’s Stewardship Manager, mdarcy@eslc.org.

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