01 April 2011

Celebrating National Landscape Architecture Month with 3 Landscapes

No joke, it is National Landscape Architecture Month. To celebrate, I thought we could take a break and look back at a few interesting answers from past years. For those that don't know the background on this, people used to play parlor games, today we frequently ask our visitors this question...
Q: What are the three greatest examples of landscape architecture that you have ever visited?

Harvard Professor and author John Stilgoe gave us these three

Award-winning landscape architect, Gary Hilderbrand

You are welcome to ask whether it is fair to count the City of Rome as an example of landscape architecture.  But you are also welcome to ask why you think your answer to that is better than Gary Hildebrand's.

Designer of the Great Park of Orange County, Ken Smith offered these

As you look back at both old and new lists, it is interesting to look back and see just how many people have listed Central Park in their list. While you are a tit, you could look through the Places and Spaces map for some of the 3 landscapes answers.

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